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Super apka

Super apka Super program


So far its a good app


Facilita a vida de quem quer parar de seguir os espertinhos!!!


Comprei o app e ele nunca carrega todos os itens, alegando "rede insuficiente". O engraçado é q além do 3G tenho wifi de ótima qualidade em casa. Ainda não consegui usar o app devido a esse bug!

Ta dando problema direto

Antes funcionava, agora quando mais preciso perde todos os dados

Bom. Não excelente.

Trava um pouco. Às vezes não funciona bem. Mas é bom para expurgar malandros.

As advertised!

Free was good but pro is even better. Really helpful in knowing who followed and who unfollowed and most/least interactive followers.

False advertising

They claim to show you who has blocked you if you pay, but they don't. I know for a fact at least one person has blocked me - yet no one shows up.

Big Time Scam

I also paid extra for all the features with no commercials and now they are trying to extort event even more $$$ by making me pay again for the same features. Don’t waste your money on this one. There are too many other apps that provide the same services that are at least reputable and honest.

Seems to forget I paid

I paid for all full features. However, the app still asks me to pay again for extra features. Otherwise this works well.


I know theres people who blocked me but why doesn’t it say the people who did? I even tested it by blocking my other account and it still didnt show who blocked me. I want a refund.

Inaccurate data

Metric that is supposed to show followers that haven't liked a recent post is highly inaccurate. Have requested a refund.


I dig this app!!

No complaints

It's $5 well spent! I get so much satisfaction out of unfollowing someone who rudely unfollows me! Lol

False advertising & bad customer service

I purchased the app because they claimed they'll show you who blocked you. They do not show you your blocked followers. When I attempted to contact customer service, no one responds to the multiple emails sent. I want my money back, but I can't get in contact with anyone.

Great app!

I bought the full version and the app really does what it promises!


Does everything it says it does! Upgraded and I love what I'm seeing and experiencing thank you!! I'm brand new to this app....so far...so good! Had a similar app that was great and then everything just stopped even after paying for various types of access!

pure trash.

I bought this because I liked the free one that worked well. This does not work at all. Upon logging in, it bounces right back to the log in screen. Can't believe I wasted money on this, I hope the dev faces major hardship soon for scamming.

Nice 👍🏽

Does as advertised!! ⭐️


I bought this to see who blocked me and then it doesn't show me after I bought it. Rip off way to take someone's money

App release just today

So far no issues


I've had the free app, and when it tells me someone has blocked me, it says to upgrade to see who it is. I'm naturally curious, so I upgrade only to find no one has blocked me. Either it doesn't sync with the free app prior in which case, how did that help me by telling me someone blocked me only to charge me $5 and not show me who it is? Fail. I want a return. False advertising to con people into buying to $5 app.

Like it

I love this app

Great App

The app is accurate and easy to use. Nicely done

So far so good

I've only been using this app for a few days but so far so good. It does what it says it will do... almost. I have noticed that it will list certain followers as never having liked or commented on a post when I know they have. So, for me, it's not 100% accurate but seems pretty close. I used the free version for awhile then upgraded. Well worth the five bucks for the added insights. Haven't had any glitches so far.


Love it


Very accurate

Waste of money

Not legit at all. Waste of money! Don't buy.


works great

Great App

Love this app

It's been working wonderfully for me.

It's been working wonderfully for me.

Pay 4.99 and can't even unfollow FROM THE APP

WOOOWWW that is THE biggest thing. It looked as if you could, and you'd figure for 4.99, you'd be able. Well what a waste. Hope y'all need that 4.99.


Upgraded..the stats are all wrong..it's telling me that so many followers don't follow me back when I know for a fact they do..so 0 star PAID FOR AN APP THAT CANT EVEN DO WHAT IT SAYS!!!

Great app

Makes it very easy to see who unfollows and who doesn't follow back. And who's not really active with your account.

Blockers doesn't work

It doesn't show who blocked me or upgrade the number of blockers! Please fix immediately! 😡😡

Okay, but not for multiple accounts

I've been using it for over a year. It's never crashed, and it's easy to use… There's no annoying ads and that kind of thing. I recently opened a second account and would like to track that as well. There is no way to switch back-and-forth between accounts without signing in every time. And if you sign into one it kicks you out of the other one. This part really is annoying.

Seems to be the only app that still gives me what I need

I hope they don't get my info shut down!

works like a charm for me 👍🏽

5 stars because I haven't had a single issue yet & I've used several apps that are similar which have bugs or crash upon opening but this is the only one that hasn't let me down . I recommend purchasing the paid version as well , it's very convenient & runs very smooth

Not doing it's job

It's not showing me who unfollowed me at all I know I've lost but it isn't telling me who I thought that was the whole point of this app

Best that's available

Been using this app for a couple years without any problem


Seems to work well, but within an hour of purchasing and logging in with this up, I couldn't log in to Instagram. The email extension shown for the recovery email was .uk (not mine)... so I revoked access and now I can get in to Instagram again. Seems awfully curious. Hope I can get my $4.99 back.


Saves time and helps with unfollowing and following. 👍

Satisfactory App, missing feature.

Should be able to unfollow from within the app. It's great otherwise.



Excellent App

Works well and easy to use. This app makes managing followers a breeze.

Nice App

Really enjoying this app. Works great for me.

Love it!!!

I have so much fun on this app!!! How many times can I say that I love this app!

Lost a follower

I lost a few followers and it didn't track it. Other then that it tracks the new followers.

Crashes after purchase

I had the free lite version. Then I paid $5 to upgrade because I wanted to see who blocked me. I got the pro version and now both apps crash as I log in. Either the developers need to update their app or it is a bait and switch.

It works!

I've been using this app for six months and I find it it's very useful and accurate. Still interested in who are the ghost followers it doesn't show you how to find out who are your ghost followers I would like to know that

Not working

I just unfollow a ton of people and it still says that I'm following them according to the app.


What a fabulous tool! Learn instantly who unfollows you and who follows you back! Priceless!


Great app love it.


its good

Horrible fraud

Have the reports are incorrect and it does not let you see when people unfollowed you


Invaluable when you want to know who unfollowed to keep your list cleaned up. Also accurately shows blocks

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