UnFollowers on Instagram Pro -IG Followers Tracker App Comentários

Super apka

Super apka Super program


So far its a good app


Facilita a vida de quem quer parar de seguir os espertinhos!!!


Comprei o app e ele nunca carrega todos os itens, alegando "rede insuficiente". O engraçado é q além do 3G tenho wifi de ótima qualidade em casa. Ainda não consegui usar o app devido a esse bug!

Ta dando problema direto

Antes funcionava, agora quando mais preciso perde todos os dados

Bom. Não excelente.

Trava um pouco. Às vezes não funciona bem. Mas é bom para expurgar malandros.

Blocked followers

I was told if I purchased the app I could see followers who blocked me ( it showed someone had when I opened my free one ) but it wouldn’t show me .. my advice , stick to the free version

Not working right

Not working right


The free app said I had 2 users that blocked me so I upgraded to see who they were and it said no one blocked me. Liars.

App stopped working.

This app was working just fine until today, while it was loading my followers, it froze and did nothing. So I uninstalled the app to see if that fixed the problem. I logged in with my account like normal, and now I can’t even log back in to the app using my Instagram account, I kept getting an error message saying “invalid username/password while I see another message saying “success” Something is not right! Update and fix this please!


Just paid $4.99 for this ridiculous app & the login doesn’t work at all! I need a refund!!😡


Just purchased, keeps making me log in to my instagram account, gives success message, then a pop up sayin invalid username and login. If I click on forgot password, then my account opens. Can only get to the followers page by going to camera and cancelling, but that page has not synchronized with the Instagram account. Don’t waste your $5.99.


Told me someone blocked me but I had to download pro to see who it was. So I was a sucker and paid the $4.99 to upgrade only to find out that no one blocked me. It was a ploy to get me to pay, and I’m the sucker who fell for it! Rude.


Worked great until I paid to upgrade to pro! Now it stopped working and says people blocked me when they didn’t! Not happy!!!

Miss leading

The upgrade does not do anything for you that the free version doesn't. Want to see the users that block to you? The upgrade doesn’t give you that info either.

Garbage app

I paid for this? It won't let me log in. It's garbage. I want a refund. P.S. I only gave it one star because I had to so I could post a review. If I could give it an honest rating it would be -5 stars.


Won’t accept my correct login for one of the accounts but accepts for others makes no sense I want a refund.

Stopped working

Won't update anymore and I bought the full version. Poor.

It has stopped working

This app used to be great until it stopped working. Now I can't even log into my Instagram account using this app and I do have account access on the website.


It wouldn’t accept my correct password. And didn’t load my followers and unfollowers

Stopped working 6 days ago.

Worked great at first for editing out ghost followers, etc. suddenlystopped and either screen is black or it gets stuck with the message “loading followers” and nothing happens.

Yeah yeah yeah

Bugs are NOT fixed ..

Not worth it

It’s slow. Beyond slow.

Bad app

I paid the $3.99 to get extra features and it doesn’t work

This app does not work!!!

I spent good money on it but it doesn’t update.

Fix the issue!!!

Even after the app upgrade on 6/20/18 and 6/22/18 I still cannot get past the login screen. I enter my user and password and hit “login” and it keeps saying “user/password invalid”. It’s not. I’ve even tried changing my IG password Please fix. I paid for the pro app for a reason. It’s been a great app in the past!

Today’s update rendered all useless.

It worked fine until I updated the app today to fix issues I never had to begin with but now have. Why update when it makes things worse? Don’t fix what wasn’t broken because now it is.

It’s working again 😀

Thank you for updating the app,finally it’s working again,design could be more prettier,l but it’s update for X and also multiple accounts function gone,please fix that.

Stuck on log in screen

Just stuck in log in screen after I press login nothing changes just keeps it at that screen where I enter my account and password

Works again

Works again, worth downloading


App simply doesn’t function properly. Keeps closing and asking me to log in

Do not buy it does not work

It does nothing but tell you how many follow at the top. No longer tells you who or who doesn’t follow you or who blocked you. Useless crap app. They also won’t email you back.


Can’t log in to the pro version that I paid for. Worked fine before. Very disappointing.

Don’t waste your money

The free version of this app worked well enough; after upgrading no feature works at all. All the features available in the free version are now not working, and the “premium features” also do not work. It lets you log in, you see your avatar and the amount of followers and following (which to be clear, you can see on IG itself) and that’s it. I’ve attempted to contact the developers EIGHT TIMES over a few months with no response or even attempt to fix the issues.

Don’t buy

Payed for app and of course it takes a dump when I do. How do I get my money back?

Was nice while it worked

It worked well for the first few weeks, but now it won’t even open.

Paid. Worked for couple months. Stopped.

This app worked well for a couple of months... then it suddenly tracked ZERO info & asked me to upgrade. Again. Deleting

App has stopped working

So for the past almost 2 months now my stats (New followers and unfollowers )stay at zero but my Numbers keeps Fluctuating. I sent a couple emails to support and I did not get any response. has anybody experience this?

Doesn’t work AT ALL

Everything remains blank and shows zero follower change. I’ve had this app for about a week now and still no data changes, so it’s not a time lapse issue to refresh. It doesn’t even display anything under “not following back” which I know isn’t accurate. It’s shows no data whatsoever. Don’t waste your 5 bucks on this one.

Update please!!!

This app USED to be great! Instagram updated their app and it hasn’t worked since. No reply from App company via twitter or email. Don’t waste your $5.99

Doesn’t work at all and no response from company

All I have are blank screens. I thought if I paid for the upgrade it would work but no such luck. This app does nothing, even though my followers change, it stills says I have 0 changes. I want my money back.

This app worked for a while now it just owes nothing

This app worked ok for a while, but now it owes the work at all.it has been like that for a few months. I’m sure there are better apps out there


This app doesn’t work. Biggest waste of money and they won’t refund you even though it doesn’t work

App crashes/ support/ disappointment

There is no information in my list other than how many followers I have and how many I follow. The app crashed as soon as I moved to the pay version and I can’t even launch it. Yes, I redownloaded it. I tried to send a support email through the app before and after typing it out I noticed the send message button was grey. The in app support is pretty bad. I contacted the company and waiting to hear back.

How is this still available at the App Store?

It doesn’t work, contacted Apple and they did not refund my money. Scammer developer. Buyer beware: don’t pay for this app.

No longer works

This app is no longer working and I was not given a warning that it wouldn’t work anymore.

How many times...

Sent this to your feedback via the app. After no responses via email through internal channels we will try this way because I want this to work like it appears to work for others. “How many times do I have to write to inform you that I am not having a satisfactory experience and that the product is failing? I have no clue why it isn’t working. It is logged into my account and it is aware of my current subscriber count. But it NEVER shows the change in subscribers or any reporting or any insights. Worse, nobody cares. Nobody writes back and nobody will help explain what is wrong and how to fix it. Why don’t you care about your paying customers? Is the only way to get attention to publish a 1 Star review and go public with a failed product experience? I guess that’s next.”

Puttin the ugh in Ugly.

I also paid (I don't remember why now). Revisited this app for the first time since then to find it dumb as rocks. Broken. Not working. Stupid. Out to lunch. On the campaign trail. Took the money and run. Repair promptly or refund the victims, please.

App no longer loads any data

For at least the last two weeks, the app will only refresh the number of followers. It won’t load any of the other data like lists of unfollowers, users who don’t follow back, or any of the insight lists. The last time it did load any data, it showed every follower I have as unfollowing me. I have multiple Instagram accounts, and I have these same issues across every account in this app. Useless.


Stopped working...refund us now


The app immediately crashed and will not open.

Worked until it didn’t

I used the free version for a good month, then decided to upgrade to paid version. After about a week of using it the app no longer shows any stats. I’ve clicked contact support only to find it misdirecting me to a deleted or unknown twitter account. So here I am now. Don’t purchase this, it will stop working and it seems like the developers don’t care about having a real support contact.

Stopped Working


Doesn’t work

Ripped off!

Not working

Im not sure what happened but it doesn’t work at all anymore

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