UnFollowers on Instagram Pro -IG Followers Tracker App Reviews

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To no likes or no comments it will be nice to know how many post or time followers dont like or dont comment

It doesnt work at All

Bought this app. Used it for about a month and then the end. Appears an error message. I sent emails asking for this problem but never received a response. So sad. It makes me not more wanting buying apps.

Good App !!!! I use it only to unfollow people that dont follow back ! Too bad you can only unfollow 60 at once then you have to wait another hour !

Had this app forever

I just dont like following someone who doesnt follow me back, as shameful as that may seem. This app has always been useful for just that; checking which friend unfollowed me because of my excessive selfie posting.


{"code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"} is the message Im getting when I keep trying to log in after already having this for 2-3 weeks.

App not working

This was a great app that I just paid for and now it doesnt work. It started crashing, and now it will not load or authorized me. I hope it gets fixed soon

Great App

Discovered people were following just to get a follow back, once they were followed by me they took back their follow!! Thats not how it works. Fake people GO AWAY.

A good app

This app opened my eyes as to who and what is going on with my Instagram followers! I suggest it


Well I paid for the app and when I did so I downloaded the new app and now it wont let me go to the menu to mange my followers it just stay on the the Instagram login page

It actually works lol

I didnt think it would work but the app does what it says lol


Love the app. Does everything I want.

This app works great.

Crashes horribly

It wont even allow me to log in as it crashes at the main screen. A bit peeved that I spent $2.99 for a broken app.

Find me on Instagram

This app delivers on the promise. Its so effective. Two thumbs up!

Constantly crashes & Super slow

This app takes forever to load (like 6 minutes) and then sometimes it crashes and has to start over. You cant see everyone who blocked you either, only the people who blocked you since last update

Great Analytics

Its a great tool to show you exactly who unfollowed you so you can return the favor. It also keeps a list of all the people you follow who dont reciprocate, which is helpful when you need to trim the fat.

Great app

Great app!!!! I can see who follows/unfollows me

Pretty good

I would give it 5 stars, but in order to unfollow someone who has unfollowed you, you get sent to IG to unfollow them instead of being able to do it from the app. Other than that, no complaints.

Great App

This app does a great job of tracking your Instagram account.

Very Helpful app

The insight lists are a nice tool. And until I looked here I didnt know someone unfollowed me

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